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driving lessons chelmsford

Driving Lessons Chelmsford

I see no reason at all why you can't have the expectation of going into your driving test, impressing the examiner and passing first time.

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Passing your driving test is an outstanding experience, and you will seldom better the feeling. Its not just a 45 minute test of your ability this is the stepping stone to your new life. For a long time you have thought about driving and it all started some time ago sitting in the back seat of your parents car before you were even tall enough to jump in the front passenger seat. Once you were allowed there you started looking at the road, the markings, the signposts giving you instructions and the sign posts pointing out directions to far off places you only ever heard of. As your turned 16 you patiently waited for your 17th birthday, friends a year above you in school were now taking driving lessons in Chelmsford and some have already passed their test. Perhaps they have picked you up and taken you out, and while its all great fun you just want to drive for yourself and now you can.

What Do You Need To Get Started
In our country you have to be at least 17 years old and have a provisional driving licence to be able to take driving lessons. You can take driving lessons with friends and family but they need to be over 21 years of age and have had a driving licence for at least 4 years. In addition to that you cannot pay for their time or even their fuel and you have to be insured on the car. While private lessons like this can be useful, the car insurance usually makes it impossible. What you will need is a good driving instructor and there are two types of driving instructor, one with green badges and the other with pink badges. You can see the badges placed in the corner of the windscreen. A driving instructor with a pink badge is not yet fully qualified, they can’t yet advertise their services but they can charge you for lessons. A part trained driving instructor is under the guidance of a driving instructor but has not yet completed all of their exams. Then you have the fully qualified driving instructors who are issued with a green badge – that’s what I have.

How To Save Money On Your Driving Lessons
This is a really common question and the best way is this… Get your theory test passed as soon as you possibly can because it is more than just a test, it actually teaches and helps you how to drive. So the things you learn on your theory test you can then bring into your driving lessons, by doing that your driving instructor will not need to show you and you are saving time and money straight away. A good example of this is hazard perception, if you know how to spot hazards and are doing this right in the car then you are well on your way to passing your driving test. So as your driving instructor I am going to see how well you are doing and I will be able to advance you on to other subjects. Also if you know all the road signs and obey the laws of the road I will not need to pull you over and explain the sign , its consequences and I will not need to check your understanding, again this saves you time and money. A common mistake by learner drivers is to start learning when they don’t have any money or very little, it really is better to save up. The last thing you want to be doing is periodically taking driving lessons as it will cost you a fortune. Learning a new subject is not like filling a jug with water, where you can come back to it in 3 weeks and the level of water will be the same. With knowledge you have to keep pushing and growing, therefore by taking lessons frequently you will lose less information in between lessons, retain more knowledge which in return results in needing fewer lessons. So if you are a bit tight for cash, save up and take lessons when you can afford regular and frequent lessons.

How Many Driving Lessons Do You Need
So just exactly how many driving lessons do you need to pass your driving test? Government statistics as published by the DVSA say you need on average 47 hours of professional tuition and that’s when you also add into the mix 20 hours of private lessons, however you can do much better than this. These figures take into account all learners with different learning techniques. Of course if you take one hour a week it will lead you to need more lesson because of what we discussed before, knowledge retention. What is perhaps best to do, and again this is dictated by your budget is to take 2 driving lessons a week, with each lesson comprising of 2 hours. That will accelerate your learning and reduce the number of overall lessons you are going to need. Now imagine if you had the time to take 2 hours a day, five days a week. You learning will be dramatic and fast and as a positive consequence you will need fewer lessons overall.

What Do You Need To Do On Your Driving Test To Pass First Time?
Actually although the driving test is the deciding fact whether you pass or fail, its what happens before the test which has the biggest contributing factor. Before you go into your driving test I want to see you on your driving lessons not needing my assistance in any shape or form. You will have completed your progress report form and have been classified as being an independent driver in every category, you will have passed your mock test and you will be driving without my support. That’s the condition you need to be in before you go into your driving test. That is what is going to pull you through and impress the driving examiner. If you can do it with me on your lessons then you will be able to perform with anyone sat next to you and that’s the standard I want you to be driving at. The test shouldn’t be a fingers crossed exercise, you need to be going into that test knowing you will pass. You do not need to rely on luck, black cats or saluting magpies. You will meet your driving examiner and go into your driving test knowing you have all the skills, preparation and confidence needed to come out with your drivers licence.  

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The perfect course for novice drivers taking you all the way through to passing your driving test. Everything is covered here!

Test Rescue

If your instructor has not helped you pass your test and you are repeatedly failing then this is the course to resolve your issues.

Part Trained

Use your current driving skills as a platform to your success. This course will work alongside your current abilities.


These courses are very popular and are on a first come first served basis. You must phone today to check for availability.

Confidence Building

This is a very popular course because there are so many people feeling nervy about driving. We can put you in control.

Weekend Lessons

Yes weekend lessons are available but due to high demand you need to contact us now.