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driving lessons chelmsford

Driving lessons Woodham Ferrers


Learning to drive is nothing short of life changing in fact its very exciting and soon you will be driving your own car doing your own thing in life. All we have to do is get you prepared for your driving test. Now because you want to save time and money and pass your driving test first time I want to you to be prepared before you actually go into your driving test.

Most people who fail their driving test do so because they are not yet ready and push themselves to try out the driving test, I don’t want you doing that, I want you going into your driving test knowing you will pass and here is how you will do it.


Before the test you will have been on driving lessons where you are thinking, well I don’t need my instructor anymore because he isn’t doing anything! And when you get to that point it is because you are driving without assistance or supervision, you will know you are able to go into the driving test knowing you can drive and not needing to reply on luck or anything like that.

Prior to the driving test you will also have taken and passed a mock test, this is where I put you under test conditions and we sit a driving test. It will mirror what is done on the driving test and once you have passed the mock with me your confidence will increase. In addition to this you will have completed your learning to drive syllabus and will be marked as an independent driver in every category.

As you can see we leave no stone unturned. This is not just because we want you to pass first time but because we inspire and promote driver safety. We want you to be safe not just on the lessons or the test but every time you pick up your car keys and go out to drive.

driving lessons woodham ferrers