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Driving Lessons In Chelmsford

Do you need to take driving lessons in Chelmsford?
Do you want to pass your driving test but have no knowledge of what steps to take?

Don't Worry - You are only human... A lot of pupils ask me:

1. When should I start revising for my theory test?
The answer is the sooner the better, even before you reach your 17th birthday. Imagine the knowledge you will gain from learning all the road signs and other important information; these aspects will definitely help you understand how to drive.

The theory test not only aims to teach you about road signs and how to become a safe driver but it also helps you in dealing with unfamiliar situations;

It enables you be more aware of how you could react if you saw someone that has been injured on the road side or what actions you should take if you, a family member, or even a friend are involved in an accident. For example: Did you know that if a minor accident has taken place, and both drivers exchanged information (insurance and address details) there is no requirement to involve the police.
It also gives you a further information about your car eg: what is under the bonnet and what legal requirements your tyre depth should be.

As you can see all of these elements are an important part of driving and related to your practical examination, therefore the earlier you can start to study the more prepared you will become and increase your chances of passing your theory/practical test quickly and safely.

2. How to choose what driving school or instructor to learn with?
My advice is try a few, spend an hour with as many different instructors as you can, to help you decide who 'YOU' feel more comfortable with. Ensure you consider the following;
Do they speak calmly?
Do they explain thoroughly, when you don't understand something?
Do they take their time to go over areas that you are not comfortable with, instead of rushing on to their next lesson?

Some instructors will finish your lesson at the meeting point for their next lesson and their next pupil will drive you back home. Consider whether you would feel comfortable with that process and whether you would feel comfortable driving with another pupil in the car?

The EazyPeazy approach;
On your first lesson I will introduce myself to you and your parents, if they are present. My aim is to ensure you are at ease and as calm as possible, I understand that your first time behind the wheel can be nerve racking. I will drive us to a safe location, where I will spend approx. 20 minutes explaining how the car works, what each pedal does and what precautions we have to put to place before driving off.
I will always try to ensure you are comfortable and understand what we are doing, however if you do not understand then you should ask questions.

3. A lot of parents/pupils ask, what is the most efficient way to save money and approach to driving?
The best concept is to be consistent, having lessons on a weekly basis enables you to see progress faster. Ensuring you save your money to cover your course of driving lessons will enable you to save money in the long run. A lot of students stop and start their lessons, therefore leaving time periods between returning, during this time they forget a lot of the basics that you have covered and this results in taking longer to rebuild their confidence.

4. When can I take my test?
This is the most popular question I get asked by students.
I would like to stress ... I don't just teach my pupils how to pass their test!
I teach you how to be a safe and confident driver, not just for your test but for the rest of your life. Passing your test is what you have to do on your own, you can achieve this by listening and learning throughout our lessons together.

The EazyPeazy approach;
Having covered the required (by Driving Standards Agency) aspects of driving, ensuring you are comfortable in these areas eg: dealing safely with busy roundabouts and junctions, being able to drive at fast speeds on dual carriageway etc
We would then look to ensure that you are able perform the required manoeuvres safely and comfortably eg; reverse round a corner, parallel (reverse) parking etc.
After you have learnt and practiced these requirements, we will introduce mock driving tests, including the show me tell me questions, to prepare you for your practical test. At this point I would indicate to you, your progress and the possibility of booking your practical test (depending on your level and how comfortable you feel about it)

The day of your practical test. As with any test, it is advisable to get a good nights rest the night before your test. The normal procedure would be that I would pick you up an hour before the test to help settle any nerves and to go over areas you feel apprehensive about.
We will arrive at the test centre 15 minutes before your test, your name will get called, and you will need to produce your provisional licence (Photo ID). It is possible for me to accompany you in the car throughout your test, however I am not permitted to speak during the test (we would have already discussed this prior to your test). At this point you will be asked to read a number plate and you will be asked two of the show me tell me questions.

Your examiner will explain the test process to you, it will be very similar to the mock tests we have carried out. It is important that you demonstrate you can drive safely, as this is what the examiner wants to see. You can achieve that by staying focused and calm and remembering what you have been taught eg: Planning your journey and being aware of your surroundings

Your test will last about 40 minutes and will consist of you performing one manoeuvre, 10 minutes of independent driving and if sufficient time you may have to carry out an emergency stop. All of which you would have practiced many times during your lessons.

Always listen to the examiners instructions clearly and feel free to ask any questions if you are not clear. The examiner understands that you will be nervous and they do try and help to ease those nerves.

Once you have passed your test, the examiner will take your provisional licence (to send to the DVLA) and give you a pass certificate which allows you to drive until your new license arrives.

The most common reason for pupils to fail is due to the fact that they are not ready to take their test. A lot of pupils feel under pressure either from their parents or more likely their friends. I would never advise a pupil to apply for their practical test if I was not comfortable with their driving ability. If a pupil insists on taking their test without my support then unfortunately they will need to do so in another car without me being present at the test.

I hope the above information gives you further of clarification of the different questions that one can face when starting to drive and the processes regarding passing your driving test.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me, even if you are not a pupil of mine.
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